Brian K.Chesson

Founder of Roc Ya Spirit

The Story


Founder of Roc Ya Spirit, Brian K. Chesson was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Raised by my mohter Pamela Chesson and step father Fred Chesson who adopted me at the age of five.


I lived in Buffalo,NY the majority of my childhood until I turned eighteen. I grew up to witness my dad live a very fast life in the streets, he did whatever it took to make money, but he caught a lucky break and began a executive career in the music & entertainment industry. After I attended highschool and college in 1994 my dad introduced me to the music and entertainment business, which was a blessing and a curse at the sametime.


By 1997 after three years at the age of 23 I was managing a multi million dollar concert and touring promotions company, but I was never aware of all the temptations and addictions that came along with the entertainment industry such as making fast money, promiscuous behaving, stealing, drugs, un healthy relationships. Between the years 1994 -1997 I became completely addicted to these behaviors and lost myself to this secular entertainment world and its evil ways, I even considered taking my life because I felt there was no way to deal with the pain, depression and pressure this industry inserted in my life.


When I completely lost my soul and direction,1998 thats when GOD revealed his face to me, I remember it like it was yesterday he said SON DO YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME? I cried for hours after I said yes. I left the secular entertainment industry to follow christ and life has been great ever since, god has supplied me with everything I need and more to survive in this falling world.


Its 2010! many years later, I realized I never thanked and praised him enough from saving me from satan and myself, So now Im choosing to Share with the world through my story & gifts on how great God is. God will break satan's chains off of you so you can be free in this falling world and live a awesome meaningful life. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY YES I WILL COME WITH YOU MY HEAVENLY FATHER. Only then you will experience the true love your seeking and deserve in this falling world.


Brian Chesson

Roc Ya Spirit Founder